Helping you secure funding

Founded in 1986, Herrera & Company is a full-service management consulting firm offering grant development and program administration. We have over 35 years of experience in the acquisition and management of over $100 million in government funding. Our team is highly experienced in securing funds, project management, and in the alignment of program content to workplace requirements. We bring advantages of scale, skill, cost and efficiency over in-house solutions.

Many employers don’t apply for ETP because of the significant time and paperwork involved in obtaining approval. HR departments and L&D personnel are often too busy with the needs of the company and do not have the capacity or expertise to apply for ETP funds. Thus, training budget monies remain unclaimed. Our work has minimal impact on the time and resources of our clients. Lastly, we stand by our work by offering comprehensive audit defenses for all services at no additional charge. My experience as a former government tax auditor, employee of the ETP agency, my academic training and my experience in the private sector has served our clients well over the past decade.