ETP: Application Process.

The ETP process starts with either registering a new user or signing into an existing account and then submitting an Application within ETP’s online contract management system known as Cal-E-Force. Once an application is submitted it is reviewed by a first-in first-out process within ETPs funding priorities limitations. Go to the ETP website to get registered at Apply For Funds Page. ETP provides funds to California employers through two streams of services, ETP’s Contract (Performance Based) Funding and ETP Grants. These services are operated separately with their own set of requirements and will need to be applied for individually. We only provide consulting services for Contract (Performance Based) Funding. Here is the process flow chart:

  • 1. Registration

    Applicant registers for an account in ETP’s Cal E-Force system.

  • 2. Application

    Applicant submits an application with all necessary information and any required documents in ETP’s Cal-E-Force system.

  • 3. Funding/Priorities/Eligibility/Complete Information:

    ETP determines contracting eligibility based on ETP’s Fiscal Year funding priorities and funding allocations and information provided is complete.

  • 4. Development

    Eligible applicants move to the Regional Office (RO) for development.

  • 5. Proposal

    RO Development Analyst works with the Applicant to develop and application proposal for funding.

  • 6. Panel Presentation

    The proposal is presented and voted on by the eight Panel members of the ETP.

  • 7. Contract

    If proposal is approved by Panel members, a contract is sent to the applicant for signature.

  • 8. Training Starts

    ETP funded training can begin at the determined contract start date.