Making approval easy and on-time.

We are experts at getting the government to approve our client’s application. Because of our complete mapped-out system, we can get you your grant approved. We are your advocate, advisor, and agent through out the approval process and can meet directly with government officials on your behalf. Prior to submitting the final application, we will review it with you and your company’s senior management team. At that meeting we will provide the following:

  • Grant Analysis

    We can accurately and conservatively estimate how much funding you are eligible

  • Risk Analysis

    We will provide an honest analysis of your internal resource capability to satisfy government reporting and auditing requirements

  • Cash Flow Analysis

    We will provide an estimated cash/credit receipt schedule that you can rely on

  • Estimated Internal Resources

    We will provide a person hour estimate for each key department to eliminate surprises and gain buy in

  • Required Roles and Responsibilities

    We will describe in detail the roles and responsibility of each internal stakeholder

  • Rewards and Benefits

    We will maximize your reward while keeping the amount of time you spend to a minimum