Shaping the millenium.

The smart, growing companies of the new millenium are taking advantage of government funds because they want a more cost effective way to do business. For the past 30 years, Herrera & Company has been assisting California employers attain government funds. By bringing together the State of California, key providers, and client capabilities we help organizations build in-house resources that are linked to the business strategy, and the development needs of employees.

As a third party service provider of application development, implementation, and administration consulting services, we bring advantages of scale, skill, cost and efficiency over in-house solutions. We pride ourselves on completing our services in a timely and efficient manner that is non-intrusive yet thorough in our methodology. In addition, audit support is built into every contract. As a past tax auditor, we ensure that our work will stand up to examination. It is, in effect, a warranty on our services.