Four key points for CAEATFA

  • Who May Apply for CAEATFA?

    Eligible advanced manufacturers in high tech, clean tech, and/or biotech looking to relocate or expand their manufacturing facilities in California may apply.

  • How are Applications Evaluated?

    Applications are evaluated based on the estimated fiscal and environmental benefits of the project.

  • What Can Be Purchased Using CAEATFA?

    Approved companies may use the STE for purchases of manufacturing equipment and machinery for up to three years, or when the company has reached its maximum Qualified Property amount, whichever comes first.

  • Are There Any Program Fees?

    Yes, there is an application fee of 0.05% of the Qualified Property among requested (min $25, max $10,000) and an administrative fee of 0.4% of the Qualified Property amount purchased during the term of the award (min $15,000, max $350,000).