Implementing your grant reporting.

Grant administration can be complex and cumbersome if not implemented with smart business processes.

We have redesigned, modified, and otherwise consolidated most of the government’s administration for you. Our experience from the successful completion of over 100 plus projects has helped us develop effective systems that meet government priority and are easy to use. Also, we have the Information Systems’ expertise to leverage your existing systems to comply with ETP Reporting Requirements.

In Their Own Words…

“Herrera & Company was instrumental in developing our ETP proposal. Without their knowledge of the process and Phillip’s excellent reputation with local ETP staff, we would have abandoned the request or asked for less than half of what we ended up receiving from the Panel. One of the big upsides to his firm is that they do not bill for any fees until we receive an actual check from ETP. This eliminated our risks and made signing on for consulting services easy. Phillip is a refined and knowledgeable workforce development consultant that I highly recommend.”

“It’s been over 15 years since we last partnered with ETP and we were professionally skeptical about applying for funds again but Herrera’s experience with high technology and the improvement to the ETP program namely the increased funding rates and electronic record-keeping alternative changed our minds. We are very excited about starting our project.”