Rewards that are worth the effort.

The program’s rewards are worth the effort, but landing a California Competes award is not an easy process. The program requires that you demonstrate and quantify your job-creation value and overall economic impact on the state, determine and request an exact and reasonable tax-credit amount, and make a compelling case that puts you ahead of competing applicants. The “secret sauce” for a winning application is to hire us.

  • 1. Advocacy with GO-Biz officials

    We have a long-standing relationship with GO-Biz officials and will contact them directly to ensure your application gets a fair review.

  • 2. Written justification that has legs

    California Competes is new and is being closely monitored by the Governor and Legislature. Applications that present a well-written narrative have a much higher probability of success. Businesses in high tech, bio tech, and clean tech have an advantage.

  • 3. Conservative request

    It was clear from the first round of funding that the amount of the tax credit requested has to far exceed the benefit (ratio of less than 10).