Agilent wins “open-ended” workforce training funding contract from ETP to train incumbent employees in life sciences…

Contact: Nadine Rothermel,
Global Learning and Leadership Development
30341 Goodspring Drive
Agoura Hills, CA 91301
ETP Funding: $7.9 Million

Agilent Technologies, Inc. (Agilent) is a manufacturer of products that sense, analyze, display and communicate data for use in the life sciences, chemical analysis, communications and electronics industries. The company as invested heavily in research and development through its centralized, internal research laboratory Agilent Labs resulting in the creation of an extensive pipeline of new products for all three business segments. This huge investments in product development combined with a singular focus on measurement provided Agilent with a competitive advantage and differentiation in the marketplace but placed a heavy burden on worker proficiency. To be successful, the company must have an experienced, well trained workforce that can understand and follow specific quality protocols and manufacturing procedures, while at the same time work efficiently and contribute to the high quality and reliability standards required by their customers. Under this proposal Agilent will deliver training to expand employee skills so that they gain expertise to work in technological areas enabling them to adapt to changing business requirements and to improve their productivity. This training proposal offers a spectrum of skills that include, advanced technology, manufacturing, continuous improvement, business, and computer skills. The overall objective of the training plan is to re-tool the existing workforce by building new knowledge relative to new technologies under development to address the electronic measurement needs of its customers. Rather than downsizing and outsourcing California-based jobs, the proposed training will assist Agilent to retrain its existing California workforce. Agilent’s proposal meets ETP goals in the followings ways:

  1. Training is targeted to meet the need for an expanded and more skilled manufacturing workforce; to foster job retention in industries threatened by out-of-state competition; and, for promoting the California manufacturing workforce.
  2. Training is designed to enhance the skills of frontline workers ranging from engineers to line staff meeting ETP priority to support companies developing its workers’ skills and prepare them for challenges of a high performance workforce.
  3. This project ensures that ETP funds will be invested in an effort that targets high-wage jobs with good job promotional opportunities and above average retention.
  4. This proposal funds training in supports Agilent strategy to move into new markets therefore bolstering California’s economic growth by stimulating exports. Agilent reports that over 68% of its revenue comes from off-shore and out-of-state customers.
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