December 13, 2019: FM Industries receives its first workforce training contract worth $362,250 from the State of California’s Employment Training Panel (ETP).

Contact: Tescha Borgstrom
Mgr., Corporate Training & Development
FM Industries
221 Warren Avenue
Fremont, CA
ETP Funding: $362,250

FMI is a contract manufacturer of precision machined parts, components, and clean room assemblies made for the semiconductor equipment industry, medical and government entities. They specialize in engineered thermal coatings, anodization (a process that strengthens and protects aluminum alloys) high speed machining, cellular manufacturing, critical process control and supplier management.

As a key supplier to the semiconductor industry, changes in FMI’s business that have taken place, and future expansion, are in direct response to the growth of the semiconductor industry.  Industry experts expect semiconductor equipment purchases to increase as a result of technology advances in artificial intelligence, the internet-of-things, electric vehicles, and big data.  Customer demand from the semiconductor industry and for FMI’s prototyping services thus remains strong.

This proposal is based on a strategic business initiative that includes an elevated commitment to worker training.  For 2020 and beyond, FMI will focus on promoting a culture where training and skills qualifications are at the center of advancing employees’ success.

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