December 13, 2019: KLA wins a tenth workforce training contract for $546,000 from the State of California’s Employment Training Panel (ETP) for advanced technology training in the electric and autonomous vehicle manufacturing technologies.

Contact: Efren Lopez
Sr. Director Knowledge Services
One Technology Drive
Milpitas, CA 94451
ETP Funding: $580,000

A leading supplier of process control and yield management solutions for chip makers, KLA has gained a niche in the electric vehicle marketplace becoming the first company to join the Automotive Electronics Council.

This is KLA’s 10th ETP contract and funding will partially subsidize direct employee training costs for advanced technology courses delivered at its Milpitas Headquarters.    The support provided by the State of California though ETP will help KLA leverage the experience and capabilities of its employees through training while expanding California’s footprint on the electronic and autonomous vehicle manufacturing industry.  This is important because imagine getting into the passenger seat of your electric car after a holiday party then telling your car to drive you home.  That’s only possible today because of the zero-defect reliability of the computer chip set operating the car.

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