December 8, 2017: KLA wins a workforce training contract with a soft cap of $432,000 from California’s Employment Training Panel (ETP). Funding will come from the California Energy Commission (CEC) through ETP to support workforce training in clean technology innovation.

Contact: Efren Lopez
Sr. Director Knowledge Services
One Technology Drive
Milpitas, CA 94451
ETP Funding: $580,000

KLA won another workforce training contract worth $580,000 from the State of California’s Employment Training Panel (ETP) on Friday, October 18, 2013 in Sacramento.

This proposal, under Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program (AB118), is designed to allow KLA to focus on job skills to invent, develop, design, construct, install, operate, service and maintain new fueling infrastructure for electric vehicles in support of the long-term reduction of carbon emissions. The AB118 Program is administered by ETP in partnership with the CEC and the overall goals to support a transition from petroleum-based transportation to alternative and renewable fuels and clean, low carbon vehicle technologies. Alternative Fuel is defined as any fuel other than the traditional selections, gasoline and diesel from petroleum sources, used to produce energy or power. Examples of alternative fuels are: bio-diesel, ethanol, methanol, electricity, propane, compressed or liquid natural gas, and hydrogen. The funds will subsidize direct employee training cost for KLA sponsored courses delivered to California employees via classroom, laboratory and/or on-line delivery methodologies. The monies provided by ETP will help KLA leverage the experience and capabilities of its employees through learning while expanding California’s growing clean tech industry.

“Herrera & Company has given us great success at KLA for over 10 years now. Phillip keeps us updated with the latest results and is always looking for ways to improve the program that would give us the most benefit. What a great partner to have on your side.”

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