July 23, 2019: BioMarin wins a fourth workforce training contract for $750,000 from the State of California’s Employment Training Panel (ETP).

Contact: Ken Sprague
Global Learning & Leadership Development
Agilent Technologies, Inc.
+1 408 345 8378 | ken.sprague@bmrn.com
770 Lindaro Street, San Rafael, CA 94901, USA United States

At the Cal EPA building in our State’s capital, BioMarin Pharmaceuticals won its fourth consecutive workforce training contract worth $750,000 from California’s Employment Training Panel (ETP). The application was endorsed by the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) because of BioMarin’s positive impact on the State and local economy.

The monies will subsidize direct employee training costs for BioMarin sponsored courses delivered to its California employees via on-line, classroom, and/or on-the-job delivery methodologies. Ken Sprague made the presentation on behalf of the company receiving unanimous approval from the Panel members. Ken was first-rate in describing BioMarin’s story, corporate profile and products as well as the need for ongoing technical training for new/incumbent employees. The monies provided by ETP will help BioMarin leverage the experience and capabilities of its employees through learning while expanding California’s growing life science industry. The success of the ETP project at BioMarin is a direct result of the entire team’s leadership, technical knowledge, good humor, rock-hard ethics, and industry experience.

“Biomarin would not have been able to achieve the outcome it did without H&C’s guidance, expertise, adaptability and good humor,” said Ken Sprague, Manager of State Government Affairs.

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