Charging less. Delivering more.

The Marketplace for grant consultants is unique. Over 95% of ETP applicants hire a consulting firm. The competitive advantage of one firm over another is based on price, experience, service and how fees are earned. There are a limited number of full-service firms that provide grant consulting services in California. They range from small-localized firms such as ours, to large multi-national professional service firms.

The advantage of using Herrera & Company over our competitors is clear. We are experienced, affordable, California-based, and are prepared to link our fees directly to your success. We earn our fees only if your company earns the funds. This is clearly stated in our services agreement and is not the case with many of our competitors. Finally, our reputation is unparalleled. In the last 20 years we have established and maintained an exemplary relationship with government officials.

In Their Own Words…

“We selected Herrera & Company because of their experience with the program, their hi-tech clientele, and their software systems that automate all of the ETP tracking systems. Phillip is a real pro when it comes to working with ETP staff and his understanding of the program made the whole process less complicated. I highly recommend Herrera & Company to all large high technology firms in the Silicon Valley that are considering ETP funding.”

“Phil and his team did an excellent job in helping Covidien obtain an ETP contract. We decided on Phil’s firm because of his knowledge and expertise to help navigate and manage our ETP program.

Their project management services which include an option to use electronic records for ETP reporting were instrumental in our decision to move forward. I strongly recommend using Herrera & Company for your ETP project.”