Stand Up Against Asian Hate and Racism

A message from our Managing Partner

We will not tolerate racist or xenophobic comments about coronavirus or anything else.

Amid the pandemic, Asian American people continue to experience racism, violence, and harassment. Across the United States right now, people are feeling isolated and afraid. These worries make sense, and of course there is nothing wrong with being afraid during such a trying time. But as people share news, fears and concerns, some people are sharing something else: racism and xenophobia.

Obviously, Asian people are not responsible for a virus simply because the first reported cases were in China. But some politicians and media figures have taken to referring to the “Chinese Coronavirus.” While it might be tempting to think we should just shake this kind of language off and focus on larger concerns, the truth is that racist and xenophobic words have real-world effects.

Speaking up against bigotry, particularly if you are not the target, costs extraordinarily little. If we all commit to interrupting, questioning, educating, and echoing to fight racist rhetoric, we can start making our communities safer and healthier today. The rise in violence against Asians and people of color must stop.

Our hope is that out of this difficult time real change will come because we believe that most Americans will join us in our stand against hate and racism in all forms.


– Phil and Monica