Abbott Diabetes Care receives approval of second ETP contract worth $500,000 to train 500 currently employed workers and new hires at its Alameda facility

Contact: Tony Crea,
Director of Human Resources
Abbott Diabetes Care
1420 Harbor Bay Parkway, Suite 290
Alameda, CA 94502
ETP Funding $1.1 Million

Founded in 2004 and based in Alameda, California, Abbott Diabetes Care (ADC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Abbott Laboratories. ADC develops and manufactures several glucose monitoring systems and test strips for use in both home and hospital settings. These products help reduce the discomfort and inconvenience of blood glucose monitoring, are easier to use, require less blood, and provide faster results.

Since it was founded, Abbott Diabetes Care has grown to employ 625 full-time workers, up from its original workforce of approximately 300, which was the company’s workforce when ADC’s first agreement was approved by the Panel as a “Critical Proposal” in 2004. ADC representatives report that the manufacture of its products is a highly exacting and complex process due to strict regulatory requirements imposed by the FDA. To be successful, the company must have a workforce that can understand and follow specific industry quality protocols and manufacturing procedures, while at the same time work efficiently.

In order to continue its employment growth, meet market demands, and produce the most advanced glucose monitoring technology, the company will deliver training to expand employee skills to meet these demands, adapt to changing business requirements, and to improve their productivity. 500 employees will receive between 24 -200 classroom/laboratory and/or CBT hours in a IT, quality, manufacturing, professional, and management development content.

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