September 23, 2016: Boehringer Ingelheim receives $382,000 training contract for its plant in Fremont.

Contact: Alfonso Perez
Quality Systems Manager
Boehringer Ingelheim
6701 Kaiser Drive
Fremont, CA 94555

This is the third ETP contract for the company. The company is expanding its Fremont location and has committed to hiring new workers and cross-training employees. The company was approved to deliver OJT in the clean room and use its Learning Management System (LMS) for ETP reporting.

Boehringer Ingelheim Fremont, Inc. (BIFI) is a contract pharmaceutical manufacturing business offering customers the entire drug product manufacturing chain comprising of filling, visual inspection, labeling and packaging. The company has a 100,000 square-foot, multi-product manufacturing facility in Fremont is primarily dedicated to the manufacture of monoclonal antibody therapies and other proteins from cell culture technology. The facility contains process development labs, a pilot plant, and large-scale bioreactors for manufacturing biologics for clinical studies as well as for commercial use. 

Under this new proposal, BIFI will deliver more customized, advanced bio-tech manufacturing skills training using all three available ETP methodologies including class/lab, CBT, and Productive Lab. The proposed training plan is designed to expand trainee skills enabling them to adapt to changing business requirements; improve product quality; and gain transferable skills in advanced biotechnologies, pharmaceutical equipment, and processes. Training for frontline manufacturing workers under this proposal is different from previous ETP Agreements because it will focus primarily on new product manufacturing technologies and procedures.

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