March 27, 2017: Medtronic Neurovascular won its first workforce training contract worth $589,950 from the State of California’s Employment Training Panel (ETP) on Friday, March 24th in Sacramento at the Cal EPA building.

PicContact: Maura Halpenny
Training Manager | Quality Systems
9775 Toledo Way | Irvine, CA 92618 | USA
Office +1.949.297.9619 | Mobile +1.949.560.7466

Medtronic Inc. (Parent), headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, is among the world’s largest medical technology, services and solutions companies – alleviating pain, restoring health, and extending life for millions of people around the world. Medtronic was founded in 1949 and today serves hospitals, physicians, clinicians, and patients in approximately 160 countries worldwide. Medtronic Neurovascular develops, manufactures, and market products and therapies to treat diseases of the vasculature in and around the brain.  One of the company’s flagship  products is the Pipeline and Pipeline Flex Embolization Device for endovascular treatments of large or giant wide-necked brain aneurysms; the Solitaire FR Revascularization Device for treatment of acute ischemic stroke; and the Apollo Onyx delivery micro catheter which is the first detachable tip micro-catheter available in the U.S.    Most of the training will be delivered to front line manufacturing workers to use state-of-the art med device manufacturing machines, tools, and techniques in a clean room environment.  The med device industry is one the most regulated in the State and employees who are knowledgeable in performing their job to the most current manufacturing operating procedures acceptable under FDA standards attain highly transferable

Quote from Maura:  “Phillip came to us with high praise from his other med device clients who stated that he truly understand the industry, training reporting/compliance, and auditing.  We are impressed with the results and I highly recommend him if you are looking for an expert to win ETP funding.  He is also very bright and a pleasure to work with.”

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