January 25, 2013: Covidien wins $599,000 workforce development funds to train front-line workers in manufacturing skills using classroom, productive lab, and on-line training delivery methodologies.

Contact: Corey Walker
Technical Training Manager
9775 Toledo Way
Irvine, CA 92618
ETP Funding: $599,590

Covidien products manufactured in California are in the medical devices business segment of the company. These vascular therapy products include: neurovascular micro catheters, liquid embolics, embolic coils, flow restoration devices and flow diversion devices.

One of the flagship products manufactured by Covidien is the Pipeline Embolization Device, used for the treatment of large, giant, wide-necked, failed treatment, and fusiform aneurysms by reconstructing the parent artery and restoring its natural course. This allows a surgeon to use a technique referred to as “Flow Diversion”, designed to treat brain aneurysms in which the device is placed in the parent blood vessel rather than in the aneurysm sac. Company representatives state that the medical device manufacturing industry is characterized by continuous technological changes, resulting in ever-changing customer preferences and requirements and the success of Covidien’s business depends on its ability to introduce new products and adapt to these changing technologies and customer demands.

Covidien’s senior management believes that maintaining a well trained and highly skilled manufacturing workforce will help it achieve its goals. The overall objective of the training plan is to re-tool the existing workforce by building new knowledge relative to the medical device manufacturing industry

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