June 25, 2021: Cepheid is awarded a fifth ETP contract to subsidize training in manufacturing skills for its front-line workforce in Lodi and Sunnyvale, California.

Contact: Derek Bettie
VP, Lodi Plant Operations
904?Guild Avenue
Lodi, CA 95089

Cepheid operates within the Danaher family of Operating Companies. With a patient-centric approach, the Company is striving to deliver the benefits of seamlessly accessible molecular testing closer to the patient, enabling a higher quality of care, lower costs, and improved outcomes.

This will be Cepheid’s fifth ETP Contract. This proposal was designated as a Critical Proposal by the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development also known as GO-Biz. In this proposal, Cepheid will train 334 currently employed and 100 new employees. The company plans to spend over $200 million to build an advanced biotech manufacturing plant in Lodi California by the end of 2022 and add over 1,000 manufacturing jobs.? Cepheid considered expanding its Lodi facility or opening manufacturing facilities in either China and/or India to support the global production of its devices. Company representatives stated that both China and India offered incentives, site selection and permit procurement assistance but due to support from GO-Biz and resources like ETP the company selected Lodi for the new biotech factory.

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