Contact: Esther Rivera
Manager, Training and Development
904 Guild Drive
Lodi, CA 95089

|Cepheid operates within the Danaher family of Operating Companies. With a patient-centric approach, the Company is striving to deliver the benefits of seamlessly accessible molecular testing closer to the patient, enabling a higher quality of care, lower costs, and improved outcomes.

This will be Cepheid’s seventh ETP Contract, In 2016, Cepheid was purchased by Danaher Corporation (Danaher), making Cepheid one of more than 20 operating companies under Danaher. Its subsidiaries are united by a common process improvement and operating system, the Danaher Business System (DBS) which was purchased in 2018 and now fully rolled-out.

As a part of Danaher, Cepheid will invest significant financial resources towards research and development while improving manufacturing technologies, enhancing its product portfolio, and delivering critical skills training via DBS. This contract will focus on new product manufacturing technologies, advanced software, and continuous improvement using the Danaher Business Systems (DBS) principles and techniques