August 25, 2023: KLA wins $500,000 GO-Biz workforce training contract from the Employment Training Panel (ETP) because of the CHIPS Act


Contact: Efren Lopez
Sr. Director Knowledge Services
One Technology Drive
Milpitas, CA 94451
ETP Funding: $500,000

A leading supplier of process control and yield management solutions for chip makers, KLA has gained a niche in the electric vehicle marketplace and will benefit from President’s CHIPS and Science Acts.  Because of the specialized scientific nature of KLA’s business, they place considerable reliance on hiring, retaining, and training qualified scientific, technical, and managerial personnel.  KLA believes the CHIPS Act is an effective and meaningful economic development tool to create long-term growth in the domestic semiconductor industry in support of US economic and national security.  For the CHIPS program to succeed, the Federal funds must serve as a catalyst to galvanize private, state, and local investment in workforce development for the semiconductor industry.   This is KLA’s 12th ETP contract and funding will partially subsidize direct employee training costs for advanced technology courses delivered at its Milpitas Headquarters.

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